Beauty expert and licensed stylist Shamyia Smith has a natural love for hair,
skin care and fashion. A second generation hairstylist, Shamyia grew up
watching her mother style hair professionally and constantly experimented
with her own eclectic hairdos and outfits as a child. It wasn’t long before
she took her curiosity about hair and style into her own hands.
Over the last ten years, Shamyia has made a name for herself as a specialist
in natural hair and protective styles including braids, twists, faux locs,
goddess locs and weaves. She has worked with several high-profile clients
including the likes of actress/model Zoe Kravitz, wrestler Kira ‘Taya’ Forster
and actress Dominque Perry. Shamyia’s styles have also been showcased
in the print publication Sophisticated Black Hair. In addition, she created
Bella Honeys, a brand dedicated to hair health and fashion flair. Through
Bella Honeys, she also has an online fashion boutique that offers bohemian
chic clothing and jewelry.
After becoming a mother of two, Shamyia’s passion for creation continued
to grow as she educated herself on organic beauty products for her
children’s hair. After researching different hair minerals and creating
serums of her own, Shamyia decided to expand her Bella Honeys brand and
introduce the Bella Honeys Hair Care & Skin Care Collection to the world.
The collection will feature Hair Growth Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair
Mask, and Beard Serum, among other future offerings.
Shamyia’s vision is for clients to have radiant hair, skin and style, while
experiencing health and wellness from the inside out. From hair repair to
vibrant fashion, Shamyia’s creativity is endless and she’s thrilled to combine
her loves of health and design with this brand.

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